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Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Is The Beginning, I Guess


That was my frustration at not knowing what to write as the first sentence on the first post on my first blog.

Now that that's over with, hey there! My name is Mary, and this is Books Equal Brains, a book blog created to honour the amazingness that is reading. On the blog, I'll be talking about and reviewing the books that I read, which will be primarily young adult fiction (sorry non-fiction lovers!). There will definitely be other posts too, and LOTS and LOTS of randomness. Randomness is fun! 
As for genres, I love to read YA contemporary, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, and pretty much all other types of fiction. Occasionally a non-fiction book will catch my eye, but fiction is where my heart is!

Now, to answer a question I'm sure people are going to wonder about: What exactly does "Books Equal Brains" mean?

In my eyes, it can mean a multitude of things:

a) that reading books makes you smarter;

b) that books have brains, and therefore have lives of their own;

c) anything you think it means.

And so, I will end this post with the hope that I don't make too many mistakes during my first venture into the blogosphere, and that you have fun reading Books Equal Brains! 

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